A couple of silly issues with the Nikon P950

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A couple of silly issues with the Nikon P950

I have had the Nikon P950 for a couple of months. For the most part it has been great and I'm enjoying getting back into photography with it. I have previously owned some very nice gear with a few DSLR bodies and top of the line lenses from macro to a 600 F4. Brand is not important, but I will say that the P950 is my first Nikon.

When purchasing the P950 I was looking for something easy to carry on walks to capture birds, wildlife and anything else that was interesting. By far this camera does the job.

Now for the silliness.

I'm on my second camera as the first had a weird issue where occasionally the video on the left and right thirds would lose horizontal hold and would wiggle while the center of the screen would remain correct. This was recorded to the SD card as well. As I was still in the first 30 days I was able to just swap the camera for another and I have not had that issue again.

A second issue is apparently "as designed". When using snapbridge to control the P950 from your cell phone you can trigger still images. This works well and you can see live video on the cell phone so you know when to trigger. However, you cannot start or stop video recording via snapbridge. For what ever reason this is a neutered feature that other models support, but not on the P950.

The third issue is also neutered "as designed". I picked up a field monitor as I was doing a fair bit of video recording at a great horned owl nest. The idea was to get stable video and be able to stand back further to reduce any audio I might add as the microphone is very sensitive. The camera can easily pick up your breathing or jacket rustling when checking the small LCD screen. Well, Nikon is it's wisdom has chosen to disable the Bluetooth remote feature while any monitor is connected to the HDMI. There is no port to plug in a physically connected remote, so there is no option to remotely control the camera while a field monitor is attached.

Something that isn't really an issue, (it's just math) but good to be aware of. While at full physical zoom (2000mm equivalent) you are limited to only F6.5, F7.1 or F8.

Again, I really do like this camera. Friends have been impressed with the resulting 4K/30 video and still images. Just a few quirks to get used to and be disappointed by. Hopefully they will fix some of these in a future firmware update.

Nikon Coolpix P950
16 megapixels • 3.2 screen • 24 – 2000 mm (83.3×)
Announced: Jan 7, 2020
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