Not in photography for 11 years - a couple of questions

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Re: Not in photography for 11 years - a couple of questions

My situation is very similar. I dropped out of photography c.2008 not long after I bought the Canon 5DmkII to upgrade my 30D and 20D which was converted to IR. I stopped being paid for photo work when film was being replaced by digital but serious work was still film. I returned when my other hobbies suffered from Covid and I could take more pictures with all that free time. These are the changes I have seen.

I believe that mirrorless is the way of the future and that Canon will be concentrating on the RF lens mount. The adapters make the old EF lenses every bit as good as they were when new but they are still older designs and not the equal of the latest and greatest RF glass. I believe investing in Canon M mount mirrorless is a mistake for the long run because I look for that mount to be orphaned when the rumored crop sensor R7 comes out (if it comes out with the rumored specs). Rumor says it will be the 90D sensor coupled with the R5/R6 focus system. There may or may not be crop only RF lenses for that body but I would prefer they concentrate on a cheaper line of glass for Full Frame. All of the RF bodies (R, RP, R5, R6) so far are full frame. One of the earlier replies here said the RP was no good because it has a weak battery and no 1/8000. My RP has never been used above 1/2000 so I don't even know if it has 1/4000. I don't shoot that way.

The four bodies vary a lot in price and, for the most part, you get what you pay for. A full frame RP with an adapter allowing full use of all the old EF glass for under $1000 is a dream come true to me. It blows my 5DmkII out of the water doing much better in terms of noise (40,000 is not good, 12,800 is useable) and auto focus. Each of the other bodies adds something and you pay for it. I wish I had the$2500 R6 but it is over 2.5x the price and half of its upgrades are not things I need. I would love to have the focus system with animal eye focus. Two card slots mean nothing to me. Better 4K video means nothing to me. We each will differ. I do a lot of focus stacking and the routine built in to DPP4 works well with files shot using the 'Focus Bracketing' settings in the camera. For the money, it is a great camera but online experts enjoy pointing out that it is not a 5D ignoring the fact that you can buy 3-4 of them for the same money.

Another change is software. I use programs by Topaz Labs to lessen noise, improve sharpness and upsize files for large prints. These also make great improvements on shots made with my original Digital Rebel, 30D and point and shoots from the days when 3Meg seemed like a good size file. You may not need them as much if all you print is 4x6 or posts for online use.

Canon has greatly improve Image Stabilization and the two highest RF bodies have added In Body Image Stabilization that works alone or in conjunction with lens IS. You can handhold a long tele now at speeds where camera motion is not a problem but birds still make subject motion require a faster speed. I bought the $699 600mm f/11 IS Canon RF. It is fashionable for people to make fun of it while they bemoan the fact that they don't have the f/4 600. The better noise reduction means your f/11 is useable outside in decent light.

Canon RP, 600 f/11 image downsized to fit.   This is close to the near focus distance limit but I have since bought extension tubes so I can get to 12' or so.

This 600mm was shot from too far away so needed cropping and help from Topaz. The left strip is full height but made narrow to fit. These files were first posted on Facebook so they are downsized to the FB specs.A LOT has changed since you took a break.  Which parts of those changes mean anything to you, only you can decide.  If you have $2500 for an R6 I'd get it.  If you are like me, RP. 
Doug Smith

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