Panasonic S5 and Capture One 14.2 - distortion correction

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Re: Panasonic S5 and Capture One 14.2 - distortion correction

Vinc1973 wrote:

georgehudetz wrote:

Yes, I've noticed the same. Bought an S5 to compliment my S1R, and then had to upgrade C1 to support the S5, only to find that it does not correct distortion correctly with the 20-60. And it's not just at 20mm. It still works correctly with the 24-105.

Please contact Capture One and let them know you think it's a problem. I have done so, and not hear back from them, but the more people complain, the quicker we will get a resolution.

I sent them a message a while ago. They suggested upgrading to 14.2, which didn't solve the issue. I let them know that 14.2 does not fix the issue about one week ago. They don't seem to be in a rush to answer. I guess they are quite busy with porting the app to M1 processors.

Please note that 14.0.2 does work with S5 files and also distortion correction works fine. If it's not too late for you to downgrade, it might worth doing until they find a fix to this issue.


That's too bad.  I've been using Capture One for years, as they gave good support for Fuji X-trans, but if they are not willing to support Panasonic S bodies & L-mount lenses I'll just switch to Lightroom and Photoshop.

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