A7Riii Sensor Lines with low ISO? Sony garbage?

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A7Riii Sensor Lines with low ISO? Sony garbage?

I'll start this off with the issue/question I have, and then I'll describe settings and situation.

Why can I see my sensor lines in low ISO (sub 3200 iso) and why do my photos look so grainy when supposedly this camera is suppose to rock in low light?

So I've had a lot of miscellaneous issues that have plagued me since picking up this camera nearly 6 months ago, but I attribute some of them to user error and some possibly to my lens.  Right now I use one lens, the Tamron 28-75 2.8 Di III RXD.  I shoot primarily portraits and fashion oriented photos, but naturally I also do street photography, shows, etc.  I understand the exposure triangle, know my camera decently well, and spend my free time learning and educating myself on photography.  I bring this up because if I run in to issues, I do my due diligence and try to find a solution, however, this is something that has been really bothering me and I don't know if it is user error or if it is something else.

I am aware that there has been an issue that you can see sensor lines, and that it is a known problem in certain conditions, but I don't think my issue is quite the same.  In the below photo, I have exported it at 80% quality from Lightroom and have exposed it by 3.5 stops and increased the shadows by 30 to show the issue that I'm referring to.  I'm aware that this is not the best photo, and there are some issues...but I'm looking at trying to resolve the issue at hand.  Also, I would not normally increase the exposure this high, ideally I would try and do as much in camera as possible.

If I were to think about what I'd do to make this image sharp, I would increase the shutter speed to about 200-320, bump up the iso to maybe 4k and then increase exposure in post.  If I wanted to turn down the grain, I'd probably increase luminance and keep the shadows down.  But how do I get rid of those sensor lines?  The lighting there is obviously cheap.  Cheap LED lights and then poor outside lighting, but shouldn't my camera be able to produce a better image than this even at a higher ISO than what I used?  Is this issue because of the cheap/poor lighting?  Is this related to my lens?  Did I miss settings somewhere?  Can this be fixed in post processing, or is this completely user error?

Things to note: Electronic shutter curtain is turned off, silent shooting off, anti-flicker on

I shoot in 42mp uncompressed and jpeg normal, DMF, Flexible Spot: S, AWB, AF: On, Multi Metering

If I am missing any information, please let me know.  Also, new to the forum, so I don't how to upload the RAW image or where I would go to create a link for it.

Thanks in advance!

A7Riii Tamron 28-75 shot at 75mm 2.8f ISO 2000 1/100sec Exp: 3.5 Shadow: +30

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Sony a7R III Tamron 28-75mm F2.8 III
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