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Re: Hyper Fisheye: Myth or Reality Mark II

bclaff wrote:

Odal wrote:

The following picture is I think the clear proof that we were all wrong.

No, almost everyone was right; in particular see the response to #2

1) I was wrong thinking that a lens could not see below 180 degrees.

Relieved that you finally see this.

2) My detractors were wrong thinking that a lens could look behind itself.

You seem to be arguing semantics. No one said that it could see directly behind itself, that would be 360 degrees.

I don't believe odal clearly defined what they believe "behind itself" means. This has further added to their confusion as they seem to believe everyone thought the same way as odal.

On the bright side, Odal at least regained from posting untill they had some results to show.

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