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Re: I want to wait another 8 months first...

gary0319 wrote:

Redhenry wrote:

I've also been wondering why I have a 'main' camera and a travel camera. I've found that since I got my refurbished RX100ii three years ago, it gets much more use than the trusty D5100. It has developed a crack, though, so will be kept as emergency spare from later this year and I'll sell the DSLR. The main camera will probably be an Olympus EP7 with pancake zoom and that will be the extent of my gear - no main camera and travel camera any more.

My first toe-dip into m43 was a GX7 to replace my Canon SX60 as a better imager for a travel camera. After a few months, my Canon 7D “main camera” went on the block in favor of the GX7 as a single all around option.

Of course, now I have 4 m43 models as a “single all around option” 😳

Well, I do like that 45mm f1.8 lens. And the 17mm f1.8....

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