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Not Drawing a Weapon is Doing The World Good & Mick

...the larger question, (if there is a larger question beyond whether or not to shoot people), is the question of...just what is NYC? How far does it extend...to Jersey or magically stopping at Staten Island?

I said the bar was in Manhattan, which my friend say was impossible...and he was correct in this, but he maintained it was N. Jersey.

After my diligent research to prove I was correct, it turns out that it is in Brooklyn...which is NYC...mas or menos.

Well, the story made sense to me...as if no one else has never used Google to settle an argument!

I see Jim is wisely heading North, like a reverse snow bird, but to now escape the insufferable heat in the deep West.

I hope he has a smooth journey.

I do miss Mick...too much a talent to be lost to us me fears.


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