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tbritt2112 wrote:

I have a Samsung Galaxy Sky.

I tried to find the maximum aperture spec for your phone's camera but was unsuccessful. But being that the back facing camera is only 5MP and that the cost of the phone was quite low, I'm pretty sure that the camera does not have image stabilization for pics or video and is a single image per snap type. (High end phones have cameras with large apertures, take multiple pics per snap and use computational photography to produce really great images).

So using the phone that you currently have to take pictures is not really an option and I can see why you want to buy and use a camera instead.

The Panasonic ZS50 appears to be a very good fit for you and your budget. It has 5 axis image stabilization to handle hand held camera shake for stills or video.

It's capable of overlaying a histogram over the image in the viewfinder (VF) or back LCD screen and it's easy to adjust exposure compensation. Using both, you'll be able to take optimum exposed pictures that I'm sure you'll like. ..... If you do buy the ZS50, post that or send me a message and I'll tell you how to use the histogram and exposure  compensation to take the optimum exposed pictures that I'm sure you'll like.

The ZS50 has raw capability if you decide you want to try that later. But initially, just use jpg like you have been doing with your previous cameras.

Just be aware that for cameras in the group you're looking at, pictures in low-light will not be the best. You need to step up to cameras with a 1" or larger sensor with larger maximum aperture for better low-light pictures. But that increases the price of the camera and comes with less zoom. ... I think you'll be fine with the ZS50 as a beginner.


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