I was wrong about JIP

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I was leery as heck at the whole affair and am now...50% less leery. Most importantly they did not spike the 150-400, perhaps the most ambitious product they've produced, and are rewarded by its evident great popularity. Agree that the new zoom is a nice addition and a welcome member of the growing f:4 zoom line. Quite disappointed by the E-P7 and await the next camera rollouts, but at least they've demonstrated the fact that new cameras can emerge from the new ownership.

So for the midterm, I'll give them a B and await the next round of product. Hopefully the wow is yet to come.



The fact that JIP has *announced* new gear doesn't carry much weight for me. They have failed to deliver on the 100-400 and the 150-400. Also, the UK conference meeting that is on YT suggested they would be announcing - in essence - a EM1X II or something like that, they they felt would drive the need for the 150-400. Given they can't deliver the lens - seems foolish to announce a camera and further highlight their inability to deliver.

I was shooting next to a guy a couple of days ago that ordered on the first day and so far what they know is they are # 5 in line with the shop they have worked with for years, in the US. That dealer suggested that the few lenses that are coming out are being distributed to Asia and Europe, so not many making it to the US - what few are making it out. Perhaps the Oly 100-400 is more available now - when I was interested in it - it was on backorder, also.

I wouldn't say the failed to deliver. That is misleading. They failed to meet demand would be more correct.

To be even more clear, they did not deliver a lens for you. Such is life.

To be clear - there are a host of people that ordered day one that are still waiting.

There are a host of people who have now got the lens. They can't keep up with demand. It happens. It's easy to criticize when we are not the ones who have to manufacture the product.

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