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tbritt2112 wrote:

Thanks and I'll check out that camera. I used the Samsung WB100 for several years and it did pretty good.

I used the wrong model number for the Panasonic camera. I said it was a SX50 but the model number is ZS50. The amazon link I posted is correct though.

How do both of these cameras compare with the Samsung?

The specs for the Samsung WB100 looks similar to that of the 740 and ZS50. They all use the small 1/2.3 inch sensor and have a max lens starting aperture of about F3.1 or F3.3. One difference is the MP of the sensor:

  • ZS50 = 12MP
  • WB100 = 16.2MP
  • SX740 = 21MP

My view is that the 12MP of the ZS50 will have slightly better low-light performance than either the WB100 or SX740. Less MP on the same size sensor = larger individual photosites = less noise. But this is probably just a bit better low-light performance.

All three of these cameras will have poor images in low-light because along with the small 1/2.3" sensor, they all have small starting apertures of F3.1 or F3.3.

Where these cameras hold their own is zoomed images in sunlight.

Again, what is the model number of your Galaxy smartphone?

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