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2015 iMac showing its age and looking to upgrade. Dilemma is wait for new iMac or plunge for the new Mini. Use case: 80% web based or MS Office/iWork for work, 20% photo/video hobby. I use Lightroom Classic and webby version, some Photoshop, iMovie and Premiere Elements. I need Windows for one specific program and I have a number of Intel Macbooks to use it on.

So what makes it interesting is the combination of a Mac Mini with 16/512 or 1 TB with the LG 5K monitor is about the same price as a 27" iMac. Most other 27" monitors I've found are 4K except the LG that Apple sells and, again, this brings the overall price to about what an iMac would cost. Traditionally, the performance of the iMacs have been better than the Minis so I wonder if that would still be true.

Those who have gone from an iMac to the new Mini, what has been your experience if you've downgraded the monitor from 5K to 4K? I know we can't predict the specs on upcoming machines, or when they'll even be sold, which makes timing (as always) a crapshoot.


So I am now all set with my Mini - 16GB/2TB, 8 core video (which I found on the Apple refurbished store) and I am happy with this. I purchased a 27", 4K LG monitor clearance from Best Buy and ditched my old 24" and 27" monitors. The pictures are fine, I don't use the full 4K resolution for normal stuff (web, spreadsheets, etc)  and will likely try it for photos and videos. Although the 27" doesn't fit well, I just could not see going smaller than 27 after using 24 for a few days. The biggest irony is that the one program that requires Windows was shifted to a web-based server so I don't need Windows any more for this.

If you are debating a new box after 5-6 years, don't. It is a giant leap over my old iMac.

Thanks, everyone, for your help.

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