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tbritt2112 wrote:

Thanks for the replies everyone. I think I'll get the 740. It's the size I want and it definitely will get better pics and video than my phone. I dont have a high end smart phone (Samsung Galaxy) and the camera on my phone isn't very good at all.

My advice is DO NOT BUY the SX740HS. It doesn't have a viewfinder. Any camera (not smart phone) worth getting HAS to have a viewfinder IMO.

For a camera in about the same price range as the 740, check out the Panasonic DC-SX50. It has 30x optical zoom compared to the 40x zoom of the 740 but 30x optical zoom is all you need. Panasonic cameras also have a feature called "Extended optical zoom" or "Extra optical zoom". This feature allows a lot more "optical" zoom at the expense of smaller mega pixels. But this feature works excellently, from my personal experience.

The SX50 is about the same size as the 740 that you have in mind. The SX50 currently sells for $350 on amazon and it is sold by and shipped from amazon so return is easy if there is a problem. Also amazon is an authorized distributor of Panasonic cameras so full warranty applies.

Did I say "DO NOT BUY A CAMERA WITHOUT A VIEWFINDER" ?. A viewfinder allows viewing scenes in sunlight very well. Viewing scenes on the back LCD of a camera without a VF in sunlight is the pits. And zooming using the VF is a joy with the camera braced against the face with arms tucked against sides of body. And just taking pictures in general is a lot more stable, which equates to sharper pictures, than holding a camera at arm's length to see the back LCD screen.

BTW, what is the model number of your Samsung Galaxy phone?



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