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Re: Something really new please: 24-105/2.8-4 S

shuncheung wrote:

Ursaldo wrote:

Ruekon wrote:

24-105 S. If Nikon makes this lens right, i.e. f/2.8-4, it will be my ticket into the Z system.

Such a lens would kill the 24-70 F4 S, maybe even the F2.8 for many users, so I don't see Nikon rushing it to the market.

The 24-105 S is likely a constant f4. The trade off is always optical quality vs zoom range. The 24-70/4 has a somewhat restricted range. Perhaps Nikon should have introduced the 24-105 back in 2018.

Constant f/4 would make if boring again. Everyone has such a lens already. The large silhouette on Nikon's lens roadmap promises something more.

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