Is it worthwhile to get a R5 battery grip just to extend power?

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Re: Is it worthwhile to get a R5 battery grip just to extend power?

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Overall, the answer is a very positive yes, from my understanding of what you are after. As some others implied, you need at least 60% battery power to shoot at the fastest FPS, so, you will, of course, greatly increase the number of 12 or 20 FPS frames you can take without changing batteries. Plus, the bigger grip surface for use with heavier lenses, or grip preferences. Plus, the vertical controls. Plus, no matter the FPS, just plain more shots before battery changes, period. With your subject type of shooting, this sounds quite. preferable.

I own the grip with my R5, and it works very well, fits very well, and is well shaped for gripping. YMMV.

Correct my thinking and understanding, because maybe I missed something as far as grip and keeping hi+ FPS ratio - if one battery in the grip goes below 60% and the other is 100%, will it affect FPS Hi+ ratio or not?

My observation with the BG-R10 on my EOS R5 is that both batteries discharge together. i.e. they both start at 100% but then move down to 90% together and stay "in-sync" as they discharge. So when I check them they are always very close together in percentage.

So when what is 60%? 30% for two batteries? If your looking at capacity? How they measure 60% could be either way depending if it voltage or current that is important. Each battery is charged to ~7.2 volts but when discharge the voltage really doesn't drop off linearly with discharge, It the internal charge or current that goes down I believe. So what do they consider 60%. Does it mean there is now 0.6 x 2130 mAh remaining? did exhaustive article on this power stuff. To answer specific question: if you put one battery in grip that is 0 percent charged, and one that is over the minimum, you will still get 12 fps.

another note: whether you need 60-70 percent charge as a minimum versus 35 percent is determined by battery brand. 3rd party brands have the higher minimum required. Canon NH batteries the lower mimimum.


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