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Re: Question about flash and exif

Ed Shapiro wrote:

Most experienced portrait photograhers that use electronic flash in the work would probably be using studio flash gear that works independently of the camera TTL integrated exposure system and would make their setting manually. In a multiple flash setup, one light might be directly wired to the camera via the PC-type flas terminal or a remote trigger system attached to the hot shoe. Whe there is no integration with the camera;'s exposure control system or internal commanded feature, all the EXIF data might show the aperture and shutter speed. There would be no record of the indipendlyly controlled power settings of the remote units.


Of course, important attributes such as posing, camera position, and composition are visual elements as well and the camera settings will have no bearing on these aspects.

Ed Shapiro- Commercial and Portrait Photographer. Ottawa, Ontario Canada

I understand all of the above, was just curious as some of the portraits I see on Flickr clearly have a flash firing but it doesn't always get reported in the exif data and now I know why.

Also, yes, watching videos and reading how to use an external source of light to step up the game, I am in fact saving to get an AD200Pro, a stand and a soft box.

Grazie Ed

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