POLL: how long did your Sigma digital last ...

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POLL: how long did your Sigma digital last ...

... before working less than perfectly. If you own/owned more than one, please quote the worst.

In another thread, a worthy member claims:

"Expecting an electro-mechanical device as complicated as a digital camera to work perfectly for more than two or three years just seems like unrealistic expectations to me."


This poll is to find out if that claim is reasonable or not.

As to the answers, the choice of period means a range between the number given and the previous number, e.g. 5 years means between just over 2 and just under 5 years and, yes, I do realize that excludes EXACTLY n years, duh ...

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0 years.
2.1% 1  vote
1 year.
6.3% 3  votes
2 years.
8.3% 4  votes
5 years.
16.7% 8  votes
10 years.
4.2% 2  votes
15 years.
2.1% 1  vote
Never had one fail in any way.
60.4% 29  votes
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