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Re: Sony FE 24-105mm F4 G OSS

MikeInOr wrote:

The 24-105 is a rather large and heavy lens BUT the quality of the results when paired with my A7RIV are superb! I am quite pleased with the aquity of the images and don't find it lacking in micro-contrast what so ever.

For "ME" the 4mm at the wide end are much more valuable than an extra 95mm at the telephoto end. I can easily crop a 61mp image but I have never figured out how to add the missing angle of view the extra 4mm on the wide end gives me.

As for balance I added a grip extension to my A7RIV which gives me more of an slr feel and makes the lens much more balanced with the bigger grip.

I understand why some would prefer the Tamron 28-200mm which is also a great option but for myself the 24-105 is a near perfect lens and I will be hanging on to mine for a very long time!

I am on the same situation too.  I guess the heavier A7R2, R3 and R4 provides a better balanced feel.  I started off with the A7R2 (no Sony 24-105mm f4 yet) with the Sony 24-240mm.  The one-in-all lens.  And when the Sony 24-105mm was released and I bought it, I never had a single bit to complaint about.  From 780gm to 663gm, I really felt a relieve in handling and the sharpness with my A7R2 is very satisfying.  Of course when I bought the A7R4 in Oct 2019, this combo just did every thing I needed as a one-in-all lens.  You may ask, how can 105mm be long enough?  Press the 24-105mm custom button and it activate the APSC mode, instantly it becomes a 36-157mm APSC lens.  Does not covers all the FL I wanted, but good enough with 157mm and at 26MP on my A7R4.

This lens is also my favorite Focus Stacking lens for macro with extension tubes and also the NiSi 5x Macro filter.  Why Zero focus breathing - at the selected FL, no matter what focus distant you choose, the FL remains unchanged.  Thus, I can shot 100s of intervals using Imaging Edge + B8Stack app, and it will stack perfectly using Affinity (which does not do resizing of images in a stack).

So there is really nothing I don't like about this lens.  Tele?  I use a tele lens at least 300mm and above.  Cheers.

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