Finches and Mannikins;Juveniles,Immature and Behaviour

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Finches and Mannikins;Juveniles,Immature and Behaviour


Here are a few shots taken over five years that try to capture some of a finch's life.



Adult Red-Browed Finches grooming behaviour


They feed on ripe seed heads near water

This male is waving a grass head to signal the female.

A nearby female responded

mating behaviour

The Chestnut-Breasted Mannikin  has very striking colours.


and cleaning

This Immature Mannikin has transition colours

They are territorial when it comes to food.

The Juvenile Mannikin is brown for a short time.

Adult and juvenile Red-Browed Finches.

Juvenile Mannikins stick together

Transition Mannikin is starting show adult colours

The  Red-Browed Finch is also called a Firetail

One adult and four juvenile Red-Browed Fiches stick together (I haven't seen this very often)

The Crimson Finch is found in Far Northern Australia (male)

Female Crimson Finch

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