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Hi I'm very new to the system (and full frame, and Nikon). When I'm out in good light during the day my camera's default seems to dark. I usually shoot in aperture priority. Any help or advice would be helpful. BTW I use matrix metering.

Same boat as you. Just picked up a z5, 24-200 to see if switching from Fuji would be worth it. Oh, how I wanted it to be, (and still do), but after weeks of playing with settings, metering, and adjusting profiles, it just takes far too many frequent adjustments and extra menu diving that needs to happen between every shot. If i was purely landscape, it would be a no brainer. But seeing as i mostly photograph people, and kids that move around the scene, its just far too inconsistent for my tastes, when the fuji nails it almost every time. If anyone has a trick to this and also how to mimic fuji skin tones, im all ears!

You probably should buy a third party manual for the Z5. One that will show you how to do things. How to set up the camera. When to use which settings. In the meantime set the camera to all "auto."

It will take time to learn the ins and outs of your camera.

Stay safe - Dan

I'm plenty familiar with metering and exposure. The Z5 doesn't handle scenes as well as fuji, its that simple. And when I need to adjust metering on the fuji it's one simple dial turn instead of 4 touches on the lcd. Yes the z5 hs advantages over the fuji, but the user experience of the fuji is preferable FOR ME.

IMO You’re blaming Nikon because you don’t know how to use your Z5. For exposure compensation, I’m familiar with the operation of the Z7 and Z7ii. With those cameras you hit the the”+/-“ button to the right of the exposure button, and the dial in the amount of compensation. Isn’t that the same on a Z5? Why would you need 4 touches on the back screen?

It takes time to learn the operation of any complex machine.

BTW I just looked at a picture of a Z5. The “=/- “button is just where it should be. You may be somewhat overconfident when you say: “I'm plenty familiar with metering and exposure.” You know it is possible that you know so little about that subject, that you don’t realize how complex it is.

Stay safe , keep studying - Dan

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It is a poor workman who blames his tools.

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