Peak Design wrist strap - cuff or clutch

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Some considerations...

Depends on your camera. The cuff is intended for smaller cameras. The clutch works better for heavier cameras.

Both mitigate the risk of the camera falling out of your hands. But, you can't really carry a camera around with the cuff around your wrist, whereas it's much more comfortable to walk around with the clutch. The reason is that you're still holding the camera body with your fingers and the clutch just makes it more secure. I use the clutch on my heavy DSLR.

Be aware that the PD clutch has a bit of a design flaw in my opinion. It restricts the way you hold the camera. So, depending on your camera, it might be difficult to reach the shutter button with your index finger without loosening the strap a bit. In other words, it's good for carrying your camera, but not great for using your camera.

Other companies make clutches with a different shape, specifically to address this issue, but they don't have the cool quick-release snaps.

Here are some photos from the Internet which illustrate what I'm saying. The PD clutch is great for carrying the camera, but you have to slide your hand out in order to reach the shutter.

This person has done a very nice review of these things:

As you can see, a clutch really needs to have an "S" shape to allow for the proper wrist position.


That said, I don't care that much about having to shift my grip. I still use the PD clutch because it's very easily adjustable and removeable. I still prefer it. Other brands are still 'clunky' despite the better ergonomics.

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