Peak Design wrist strap - cuff or clutch

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Re: Peak Design wrist strap - cuff or clutch

jclin10 wrote:

Hi all

I'm looking for a wrist strap and came across the peak design ones. Between the cuff and clutch, it looks like the cuff is more for security (to prevent from falls, etc.) and the clutch is more for stability when carrying and shooting. Is that basically the difference in how they are used? I've never used a wrist strap before, so am trying to pick the right one.


I have both, though I always confuse the names.

I personally strongly prefer the one that's more like a short leash around my wrist. The other one where you have to slide in the palm of your hand is too constricting for me. I struggle to reach some of the buttons on my camera with that one, and the only way to make it less constricting is by loosening it up which makes the whole fit less secure.

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