D500 consistently missing focus?

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Bill Ferris wrote:

DocShaka wrote:

OK so updating you all after messing around in the backyard.

I noticed that even stationary objects are not in focus like they should be. My eyes aren't the best but the diopter looks in focus but zooming in on the image was not focused. In fact, seems it was very much missing. I assumed the AF Fine tune did not need adjustment because when I followed a procedure that had me mount a longer lens to a tripod and focus on text in a magazine at whatever angle, the focus seemed dead on. Now out of curiosity I just performed the same AF tune but handheld kinda eyeballing a grill grate for measurement. Well that seemed to do the trick.

I guess my question now is what does that mean for a AF system that has to have AF Fine Tune pegged to one end? Will it have to be changed and adjusted for every lens or does the whole AF system itself need to be retuned? Set it and leave it?

AFFT is only applied when activated and only to those lenses for which an AFFT setting has been stored. Not all lenses need an AFFT adjustment. Nor is it something requiring service to repair.

Is there an instance where the viewfinder can be in focus and the image isn't?

Yes. If the diopter adjustment is improperly set, you can manually focus a lens until the image looks good in the viewfinder. However, the photograph will be out of focus.

You mentioned getting tack sharp results with st least one lens that doesn't need an AFFT adjustment. If you fine tune the diopter adjustment for a focused image with that lens, the diopter adjustment will be good for all your lenses.

Thanks for this. I’ll have to go through my lenses one by one to check again if it’s off in all lenses or if it varies between them. I see a default settings in AFFT which I’m guessing is to apply a tune to the camera itself. I must have adjusted the diopter at some point to correct which makes sense as I’m not the only one who occasionally uses the camera.

thanks for all the help everyone. Saved me some cash.

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