K3III firmware 1.01 ?

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Re: K3III firmware 1.01 ?

Valeriu 64 wrote:

MightyMike wrote:

Valeriu 64 wrote:

MightyMike wrote:

First off, go into sensor cleaning mode and take an air blower and blow the area at the bottom of the mirror box a good amount to knock any dust out of there. Secondly take a dry cloth and give the contacts on the camera mount and lens a good wipe down. The try it out again, if the issues persist then there may be other problems that could be hard to diagnose and pin down.

Should it be blown under the mirror, exactly on the sensor?

Can't blow dust into the camera?

I also blew a few years ago at the K5 with a photo pump and it was filled with dust and lint, inside the focusing screen glass.

Blow and pray LOL I choose not to wipe the AF optics,

Not even with sandpaper?

uh... wipe them with Vaseline, it'll do wonders for you AF system... NOT!

no telling if they're easily scratched, I just blow the dust and if it lands on the sensor that is unfortunate... I tend to squeeze the blowers several times before aiming them into the camera in hopes that any dust that got in them gets out first.

Thank you, dear Mike!

Best regards, Valeriu

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