D500 consistently missing focus?

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Re: D500 consistently missing focus? Are you sure 2

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

edit: I want to say it's an error on my part but to end up with 2 usable images out of 100 is just crazy, right?

Even the most usable image looks like it missed focus just behind her ears:

The first of these 2 dog shots seems OK - and the second seems quite good.

Results can be significantly influenced by choice of AF options, AF-C or AF-S etc.

It is uncommon for camera equipment faults to "switch on and off" - - which perhaps comes back to you.

I anticipate if you master the AF options etc to a high standard your keeper rate will significantly improve.

Thanks for the detailed reply. I will run through the settings again and try some different modes again but it didn't seem to change anything the last time I tried that. I updated the firmware today which was still running the first version. Maybe that's something.

I have a lot experience tracking birds and other wildlife which have never been an issue but something this simple is? I have always stuck to single point AF-C. This is the first time I've needed to deviate from that method.

I would still call all these images unusable. Even the best one is only potentially ok because I was having to stop down so far to deepen the field.

Maybe I'll run some additional tests on some other pups out there and see if it's really just the white face throwing the camera off...

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