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A camera that takes good pictures as well as video. I'll never be a camera guy,

As others have said, it's all about the compromises you are willing to make. And if unsure of the compromises, then you may as just use a cell phone camera. Here's the thing, you want a camera that takes good pictures. Camera's don't take pictures. This is the hang up that almost everyone has: the better the camera the better the picture. It does not work that way. Why? Camera's don't take pictures! The picture is part of an entire process (the process exists whether you recognize the process or not). The camera's role in the process is to record the exposure. A camera quite literally records light. That is the primary function of any camera. And ALL camera's from a cell phone to a $50k Hasselblad to the Hubble all use the same exact math to record the light. Big difference in various camera's is the size of the sensor. However, the larger the sensor, the larger the camera & lenses. Which all goes back to compromises. But the best thing you can do is understand that the camera isn't taking any kind of picture, the camera is only recording the light. Which can be vastly different than what you see.

Besides that, make sure you have plenty of extra batteries. If using your phone, get auxiliary battery chargers to potentially charge it while out and about. One thing I can tell you for certain, no power, not picture regardless of the device.

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