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Something to bear in mind with a travel camera is whether it can charge over USB, like a phone. Not all can, meaning you have to slot the battery out of the camera and into a charger. This means you have to take a the dedicated battery charger with you on holiday. On the plus side it means you can buy a second battery and leave one on charge whilst using the other. Whichever works for you, but I'd rather at least have the option to USB charge.

If all you want is to point and shoot, then the cameras on smartphones are very good these days until you start zooming into things that are far off. In most cases they can't actually zoom at all (the lenses are fixed). When you 'zoom in' on those they are actually just cropping off the edges and stretching the remaining shot to fit the frame. You are not using the whole sensor in that case and are losing quality. I think if you want to fill the frame with distant scenes a dedicated camera is better.

I have the SX720 which I think is a predecessor to the SX740 you mention. I have it as a  second camera and it's pretty good (and USB charges). I'm happy enough to have it as a backup or a carry-anywhere alternative to my Canon EOS-M5.

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