Canon EOS 60D strange smell from lens

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Re: Canon EOS 60D strange smell from lens

Hey Proxy303,

I had the same "issue" with a 7d mark ii and 70-200. I noticed a strange smell coming from my camera after using it for an entire basketball game. It smelled like burning electronics, like you mentioned about your lens. I ended up emailing Canon about it and I get the impression they thought I was crazy. Here are the responses I received from Canon:

Dear ,

Thank you for contacting Canon product support regarding your EOS 7D Mark II. I understand you have a concern about your camera. My name is William, and I can assist you.

Without being able to experience the issue first hand it is difficult to say if it is something to worry about. When shots are being taken the electronics of the camera and lens are the most active, so if shots are being taken for an extended duration heat from the electronics in the lens or camera could be causing the faint smell. As long as the equipment is being used within the working environment temperature range of 32-104 degrees Fahrenheit I wouldn't expect there to be an issue.

Does the faint smell occur with other lenses?

Dear ,

Thank you for your continued correspondence. I understand you have concerns regarding the smell you sense when using your EOS 7D mark II camera, and I can further assist you.

This sounds very unusual. In eight years of technical support and decades in photography, I do not recall a burning smell coming from the use of a lens. The only smells I have observed have been related to overheating flash units. If you are not noticing any image quality changes, you could continue to use the camera and lens to see if this lessens or gets worse. Alternatively, you could send the equipment in to be checked out by a technician at the service center. I have provided instructions for this below. Customer's who experience shutter issues more often report an error code displaying or observing over or under exposure in bands in different parts of the image. I do not ever remember a customer reporting a burning smell related to the shutter.

The other exception has been when the shutter and or mirror box were actually burned. This can happen by pointing the lens towards a laser, as in a concert, or at the sun as in photographing an eclipse.

I would say you're camera/lens is fine. Those emails are from 2018 and my 7d ii is working just fine. I'm guessing the camera/lens is just getting hot from prolonged use, but I'm happy to hear that I'm not the only one who has experienced this!

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