Hyper Fisheye: Myth or Reality

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Flat view
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Hyper Fisheye: Myth or Reality

The discussion about the Nikon 6 mm hyper fisheye had to be stopped because of the number of posts. I feel like the last word has not yet been said, and I hope that other people will also want to contribute.

For those new to the issue, I have expressed my doubts over the veracity of the claims of super wide angles of view, more than 180 degrees, that Nikon and others have made.

I must say that my doubts are more a matter of belief than fact. I simply find it impossible to understand how a lens could see behind itself, the excellent theoretical explanations given notwithstanding.

Still, doubt should be taken seriously and confronted with facts before they get a life of their own.

Let me start with a very bad photo which will immediately make it clear to everyone that I am not a professional photographer, and that this thread should not concern itself with the usual esthetical and technical criteria.

What we want to know is whether the claim of an angle of view larger than 180 degrees is factual or a commercial hype.

The first problem we encounter is a matter of definition. An image is worth a 1000 words, so let's start with my first picture.

Even with the clumsy fingers, we will have to ask ourselves: 180 degrees? Starting where? Ending where?

This picture certainly does not qualify as a scientific preparation for a scientific experiment. The angle at which the camera, and the lens, are standing can only be guessed at. Still, the picture, or a better one if it presents itself, can help us clarify the conditions under which the discussion should go.

Suggestions on how to proceed are welcome. I think that it will be difficult enough to agree on how to measure the angle of view.

I am counting on the expertise of this forum.

Please abstain from personal attacks or hate-posts. If you you don't like the thread, or do not like me personally, do something else.

Edit: the picture was taken with a Olympus omd e m5 II, and a Meike 3.5mm fisheye f/2.8

Flat view
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