R5 quick switch between eye AF and spot?

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Re: R5 quick switch between eye AF and spot?

DianeMiller wrote:

I'm using eye AF on the back * button, but sometimes need to switch quickly to spot AF. I'd like to assign Spot AF to the AF-ON button, but I can't find a way to do that. I set spot AF as the choice for AF Method, but focus is not activated when I push the AF-ON button.

Maybe I'm trying to do it the wrong way -- I'd simply like to be able to quickly switch between Eye-AF and single point AF, to use when Eye-AF is not finding a narrow enough target. If I can do that without using back button focus, that would be OK -- it's just that I'm used to BBF from previous bodies so it seemed natural to keep using it.

Thanks for any help!

I use the * button for exactly this.

The secret is when going into the * button setting, hit the info button and a menu appears letting you assign exactly what focus points you require and another couple of choices.

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