K3III firmware 1.01 ?

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Re: Is it possible to downgrade?

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This is sad to hear. I hope you will find out what is going on!

Seems to be really that: sometimes, AF will just keep getting closer without any logic.

I verified with the 150-450 limited to 6m - infinite, on a plane : it focuses somewhat correctly, then immediately moves closer, until it hits the 6m distance.

Had the same issue dating all the way back to the K10D (or K20D) with my Sigma 100-300mm F4.0 EX DG, when using multi-point AF and tracking planes and birds. it drove me nuts! I finally found out the cause, it was dust on the AF sensor optics in just the right place to cause the multi-point algorithm to fail as the mixed reading caused by the dust totally through off the algorithm, the lens would focus closer and closer in short movements with slight pauses in between until it stopped at the minimum focusing distance. I'd then have to point it elsewhere and tell it to refocus before it went back to normal (only for a while and then it would happen again). Simply blow the dust off the AF module optics and you'll find the problem should go away.

Yes, it was exactly the same before I followed you advice, thanks again.

Happy to help!

It's amazing that a small particle could cause such big issue Never happened to me with K70 maybe I was lucky.

No, I know what happened. I tested to switch AF lens with MF lens without shutting down the camera, to see if it was keeping the AF array selected for another question. I realize now that dust most certainly entered at this time.

In "normal" use on subjects around me, it works correctly - except when it hits this issue, randomly, but if it hits it on a specific suject it will be reproducible on this same subject/framing.

I noticed also sometimes, on a distant subject out of focus, it will not even try to acquire focus - but the AF points will show up where the object is and if I move they will follow ! (object is visible but blurred).

I tried with subject detection OFF but it's the same.

I think i'ts a case for support ...

Is it even possible to downgrade the firmware?

I found the file in my computer trash ... But no, it's not possible to downgrade.

I tried to just change the number in this link ... But no luck.


Hopefully someone will have the file.



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