Ballheads Acratech GXP vs PMG BH50

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Re: Ballheads Acratech GXP vs PMG BH50

Norwegian wood wrote:

Whats your thoughts comparing your 40 ball dia vs 55? With regards to balancing and micro adjustments I mean.

I have both RRS BH-40, RRS BH-55 and Burzynski. BH-40 and BH-55 is good. But compared to Burzynski, none of them are easy to do micro adjustments. Burzynski is the only one I would use for longer than 300mm.

The difference between BH-40 and BH-55 is surprisingly small, so the more light weight BH-40 wins for me most of the times, because when weigth doesn't matter, I use the Burzynski.

BH-40 is my ball head for long hikings in the mountains, but my longest and biggest lens I will use on it today, is 300mm/4. Before I got the Burzynski, I used it without any problems with 400mm/5,6 and 300mm/2,8. But back then I didn't know better;)

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