Was I right about R3 resolution?

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Canon said R3 will not be the flagship camera, and its name states it pretty much clear (why not R1 then?). Hence I expect a high megapixel R1, not R3 otherwise what would the flagship have to offer more?

Traditionally, flagship cameras did not have high MP. A1 probably is the first camera to break that tradition, Z9 may do the same. We don't know if Canon has been planning to do the same or not.

1Ds had that over 1D back in the 2000s. Now Sony does the same. I don't think Canon will just limit the R1 to have just same but better specs than R3, and unless some new technological milestone will be reached, the improvement would likely very marginal (even more so regarding the body) so why bother? It would just look like a smart and not so honest marketing move. Hi vs normal res, and 8k vs 4K, that's the most obvious change to expect.

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