Recommended Nikon body for IR conversion

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Re: Recommended Nikon body for IR conversion

one 'question' is how much you want to spend.   some older camera's, such as the D7000 are very inexpensive, and work pretty well.    definitely worthwhile to go through lifepixel's website.

another question concerns lenses,  I believe with a DSLR,  you can get one lens set to your camera when it's converted  (assuming you use lifepixel or similar).  if my memory is correct, with a Z camera,  any appropriate lens will work.

.... also note,  that lifepixel has a fair bit on the post processing (photoshop) on their website,   straight out of camera isn't much of an option.

and I'll second the idea of an IR forum here on DPrev,  it could be a great resource.

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