If you're rich, you can buy an f/0.7 piece of history

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Re: If you're rich, you can buy an f/0.7 piece of history

FrancoD wrote:

That lens is probably more famous for having been used by Stanley Kubrick to film some scenes in BarrY Lyndon with it.

Ten were made, Nasa bought six, Kubrick bought three (some say two) and Zeiss kept the last one.

According to his cinematographer he bought three. One was modified for use at the original 50mm, another was modified to become a 36.5mm, and the third was modified to 24mm. The first two were used for the candlelit scenes, but the 24 was not:

Stanley urged us to go further and see if we could come up with a still wider angle lens. Again I turned to Dr. Vetter, and this time he provided me with a Dimension 150 lens adapter which, when mounted to the front of still another Zeiss 50mm prime lens, gave us an effective focal length of 24mm. However, at this point, our improvisational engineering techniques began to catch up with us and Kubrick determined that the lens gave a bit too much distortion, so that he would not wish to intercut photography from this lens with photography from the other two.

Source: https://ascmag.com/articles/flashback-barry-lyndon

I love this film. If nothing else it's a feast for the eyes, but that's as far as I'll go in a debate on its merits or lack thereof. De gustibus non est disputandum, after all.

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