Mini Challenge #632: Motorsports

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Re: Mini Challenge #632: Motorsports EXHIBITS

Thanks Sam. Comments on your comments in text 

greenmanphoto wrote:


Some EXCELLENT stuff, there! I'll make comments underneath.

AlwynS wrote:

Oh boy, this one is near and dear to me! However: I believe I have an unfair advantage in this category as I have been fortunate enough to have had a media pass to a couple of Historic Racing events in the Vancouver and Seattle area. Because of this I will only be submitting EXHIBIT images.

Some random examples:

Nice image! Is this a Porsche?

Indeed: Porsche 906 AKA Porsche Carrera 6

Looks like a Lotus, to me! Admittedly, my knowledge of race cars is certainly FAR from complete! I like these guys, though!

Either a real Lotus 7 or one of the later Caterham 7's. Caterham bought the rights to manufacture the car when Lotus stopped building them in the early 70's and are still building them today.

LOVE the spray coming up off the tires!


THIS one almost seems like a selective-color processing was applied with that near-monotone background and the bright-red car and white helmet!

Actually no wild PP done. There was a strip of sun across the track while the rest was almost all black. Now place a bright red car in the sunshine against a black track in the shadow and hey presto: HUGE contrast!

Ah, a nice closeup!


Just a TAD too close! Too bad the orange Mustang was so close, as well, and you couldn't better, more easily isolate the rear two cars more!

The next shot in the burst actually shows more of what you mention:

Nice older 'Stang!

You should have HEARD this one! Automotive music!

Another beautiful, somewhat older car, I think!

Replica of the original Shelby Daytona Coupe

A different era of cars! Man, what it would be like to drive one of these for JUST a few laps! So close to the tarmac, and such speeds!

Yes, that HAS to be fun!

A work of art, that engine!

Thanks, Alwyn! Wonderful shots, these are! And I JUST shot motocross for the first time, though I've wanted to shoot motorsports for a while, now! I'd LOVE to get into Circuit of the Americas in Austin, TX, not too far from me! May have to see if I can work an angle or three on that...

Thanks for sharing!


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