Laowa 10mm F2 vs Leica 12mm F1.4 vs Voigtlander 10.5mm F0.95 | Best Wide Angle Lens MFT/M43 | GH5

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Re: Too bad

Astrotripper wrote:

Interesting comparison, but severely botched. I'm kind of shocked the reviewer was not inclined to inspect the images more closely to try find why the Nokton did so poorly (apart from massive field curvature it is known for).

For me, even watching the video it was very clear that Voigtlander was incorrectly focused (the grass in the front of the camera is in focus and much sharper than the rest, so obviously everything beyond that will be very soft).

That's the kind of thing that disqualifies such material as a source of useful information for me, so I didn't watch further.

Spot on. I noticed the exact same thing: Close grass in focus, everything farther slightly out of focus. He said he focused at infinity which doesn't make sense either because that would yield different results.

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