A Hawk at Publix

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this shot looks pretty good, but i think it looks to bright

if you have another chance shoot it at 0.0 exposure

Well I started out at 0.0. At first it was way too dark, but then as I would look through the viewfinder, it continuously kept changing anywhere from very dark to completely blown out. Why would it do that?
So I changed it just slightly and it held better but still would change as I was viewing. Also could not find small spot only options we were: center, wide and flexible, expanded flexible etc. Never could find the animal face detect. I read to go to people face detect and move to left for pet/animal but could not do that. At least it’s better than any previous birds. Still have not been able to capture small birds in focus. I was about 25 ft from brown thrasher, but never really focused, even while resting on car window. Did kinda ok for ducks. But eye was too dark. Going to keep playing. Pretty much used your settings.
Thanks for all your help. I’m improving but not where I need to be yet

When you see the focus box does it have tiny green boxes around it?

Only when I have it set to flexible spot. I think it was either on wide or center. So that might explain why it was focused on center of bird. Could not find small spot. Is there such a thing? And if so where do I find it. Tried to go to pet/animal eye but could only get to people face/eye.
might just have to keep it on expanded flexible spot

Go to page 6 of the first menu file.

Select Face/Eye AF Set.

Turn on Face/Eye Priority

Turn on Animal Eye Display

Go to Subject Detection

Toggle to animal.

There you are....

Thanks, Jerry!!! I have it set. Do I need half press to keep the focus on the eye or does it automatically keep it in focus if I am also focused on another area?

I have not used it yet myself, so I don't know if there is a way to toggle between eye focus and normal.

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