Sigma CEO: Foveon in 2022 or 23

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Re: Sigma CEO: Foveon in 2022 or 23

rick decker wrote:

I would not bet the ranch on another Foveon camera. It appears to me that barring some unexpected breakthrough, the Quattro will be the last one of the line.

We had a product similar to the stacker sensor. It was unique in the industry, extension to audio standards. No one else had anything like it. There were all sorts of problems with it, continually patching software, etc. Finally, the product disappeared, but the system did not. They took what they learned and made a much better more usable product. It doesn't use the same technology but accomplishes everything the old system did and much more...

Most of the posts I read on here are colored by typical western thinking.. (tend to be negative) and display a lack of understanding of Japanese work and business culture. You are posting the way a bean counter at GM or Ford would post. It's too difficult,  it's too expensive, it'll never work, poor us --> give up.

This is not at all how the Japanese mindset works. The bigger the obstacle, the bigger the challenge --> the greater the achievement in overcoming said challenge (kandou).

The Finnish have a similar concept: Sisu. There is no English equivalent.

For the Japanese it is Ganbaru.

One of two outcomes will occur:

They build another 3 layer sensor or they take all the knowledge learned and apply it to a totally new system, the same way Mazda did with their new MX-30 rotary engine car (which was supposed to be a totally dead-end design).

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