No news from Sigma - this is disappointing

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Re: No news from Sigma - this is disappointing

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Reminder: Sigma only brought the Art line to Sony E mount about 2 years ago--earlier the same year that Nikon Z, Canon RF, and the L mount alliance were released. Sony E mount is over a decade old.

Sigma didn't release them earlier because there was no critical mass. Not enough E mount users for it to make sense. Read the part about Pentax. Z mount today is likely much smaller in terms of user base than other mounts, though it might be larger than Pentax.

They'll probably come eventually. They might even already be working on them.

Impossible! Sony launched FE mount in 2013, and 'opened up their protocols'. How can it be that it took Sigma years to get moving on FE mount lenses?

It's worse than that! Sony launched E in 2010:

Then, they scrapped the NEX series and sort of relaunched it. ...

Big mistake. Now that Nikon has the Z mount, Nikon guys are speaking about limitations of the F mount, see e.g.

Re: Yes, long tele re-use is perfectly acceptable

After about 60 years. Let's see how long it will take for the E mount

Some of us were (correctly) talking about the limitations of F mount from many years ago, before Z mount was launched.

But F mount and E mount are different things due to the concept of diminishing returns when one looks at real life practical applications.

To put it another way, there is a big difference between a limitation at F/4 and F/5.6 vs. F/0.7 vs. F/1.0, even though both of these parts within the pairs are 1 stop apart.

And in reality, there are very few lenses where designing for E mount constraints would be a problem. Maybe a lens like the Noct. But then one has to ask the questions: will a third party manufacturer like Sigma make a Noct? And if so, is that the type of lens that people asking for 3rd party lenses want? (No & no). Reuse the E/L optical designs, slap on a Z mount protocol, and you're good.

Have a look at this example:

A subtle difference between Nikon and Canon 400/2.8 caused by limitations of F mount. The difference isn't huge -- but worth considering when investing several hundreds or even thousands into glass.

Yup.  That's F-mount vs. EF mount.  Not E mount vs. Z mount.

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