Why is minimum native ISO 200 on many mirrorless cameras?

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Re: Why is minimum native ISO 200 on many mirrorless cameras?

ISO 1 Million wrote:

What you have stated simply isn’t true. Very few mirrorless cameras have a base ISO of 200. The only ones I know of are all M4/3 and some Fuji APSC models. Nikon, Canon, Sony, Leica, Fuji medium format, and Hasselblad all have base ISO of 100 or lower

The tone of your post sounds like an accusation. However, you're proving my point.

My point is to ask why some (such as Fuji, Olympus, and others) have native ISO starting at 200 when they could do better?

The proof that they could do better is several other brands with base ISO starting at 100, and some Sony at 50. So it's established (and you provided further proof) that it's possible to have native ISO start well below 200, and also well below 160. So why doesn't Fuji native ISO start at 50 or 100? Is there a technical reason? Cost? Something else?

It can't just be sensor size because there are many Nikon and Canon DSLR with 100 native ISO since 15 years ago. It can't be because of mirrorless combined with APS-C because Sony makes mirrorless APS-C with native 100 ISO.

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