Lens upgrades? 70-200 2.8 EF->RF?

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steeldrake wrote:

I plan to upgrade my 7dmk2 to R6 (yes would like the cropping extra of R5 for wildlife, but considering price - including memory cards -, file size, low light etc it all makes R6 sound better).

Any thoughts on lens upgrades:

I currently own EF 100-400L II, EF 70-200 2.8L III, EF 24-70 2.8L, EF 100Macro II, EF-S 10-22. I use the 100-400 most often, so i plan to upgrade that to RF 100-500. The macro i use seldom, so i will keep it, 24-70 upgrade is so expensive, so i keep it. But i was wondering does it make sense to upgrade the 70-200? Any opinions? I do not use it that much so i could suffice with adapter but would upgrade provide even more quality/features/...

Well, FWIW, here is what I did, and my rationale for it, even if it might not fit your particular needs.

I sold my EF 24-70 and bought the RF 24-70, for several reasons, all of which have been validated by use. It’s sharper overall, has much less lateral chromatic aberration (almost none on mine), has less variation of sharpness and contrast across all focal lengths, is quieter when focusing and quicker focusing, and feels even more “sturdy”, although it does not feel any lighter.

I kept my EF 100-400 II because it was such a great performer, I didn’t care that much about another 100 mm, did not use it that much and the cost of the the lighter weight RF was disproportionate to my needs.

On the 70-200, that was a close call, but the new RF version won me over and has worked out very well so far. If money is a serious issue for you and you love the idea of a non-extending lens barrel and very short focus throw, plus the ability to use Canon tele converters, I would urge you to keep your EF version. For me, the amazing compact size, when stored in my bag and just carrying it around, were wonderful benefits of the new RF, as was the considerable lowering of its weight. These advantages meant that I am more likely to carry the lens and that meant that I will get more use out of it. The new lens does seem to be just the smallest amount possible better optically, but, if so, it’s by a trivial amount. I love this new RF version and it fits my needs perfectly. It also may have other future benefits tied to the new mount, but, that remains to be seen.

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