Aurora: You are mine!! :-)

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Aurora: You are mine!! :-)

There would be no focus issues tonight. I went out with my sweety, with my camera & tripod, and armed myself with two PB&J sandwiches and a bottle of milk. I was ready.

There were NO focus issues this time as I'd made that mistake once already.

We reached our place and parked. The air was charged with electricity. I wasn't confident it would happen, but I could see a greenish glow on the horizon.

I checked my focus by getting some shots of the Milky Way overhead.

We weren't ready for what happened next. I aimed the camera back downwards as I tried to get another focus test. I played the image back to see what was going on with the focus. And THERE it was!!!

I began to shoot for all I was worth. The subtlety of the details in the aurora was plain to see. And captured in the camera, the images were all the more stunning.

Naked eye visibility was just incredible. I was surprised at how rapidly the scenery changed before our eyes. Sometimes my wife had to keep saying, "Stop looking! Just shoot it!"

It had to be one of the highlights of this year to be able to capture this!

What a night it was. And it was wonderful having my lovely wife out there with me to help and to enjoy it with her. Many thanks to you, babe.

I hope many others of you here had a chance to enjoy the show over the past couple of days.

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