A Hawk at Publix

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Re: A Hawk at Publix

Jerry045 wrote:

Elliern wrote:

sherman_levine wrote:


That looks excellent.

Looking at it full size, it seems that you've focused on the bird's abdomen (in the center of the uncropped photo) - and I suspect the little focus square was there rather than on the bird's head. Am I correct?

If so, I'm not sure what's best practice for forcing the square to the desired spot (eyes/head) with RX10. Perhaps someone will offer advice.

Hmm. I think I might have focused first on the eyes then moved down to get the entire bird in focus. Or something like that. One issue that was odd, The view finder would change from light to dark as I was looking through it. Wasn’t sure what that meant.
Going back to see if they are still there. They must have a nest somewhere nearby because I see them flying in the area often. First time I have seen them perched at Publix in many months. They used to be there often.

Great shot Ellie.

I suspect you have the exposure set to spot, and when you moved the camera it saw a different portion of the bird and readjusted the exposure, hence the change in brightness.

There is also a feature of the RX10iv to focus on eyes, either animal or human. That might be a setting to try on some birds. Look on page 6 of the first menu folder.

My best advise is to try some of these features and see if they work for you.

I think this is a great shot. Love that clenched fist.

Animal eye AF would not have helped here in my opinion. It does like birds or profiles.

Focus and recompose would through off focus point analysis but is a fine technique. Some would say moving the focus point to the eye is better but there isn’t always time. Of course once you get your initial capture you can try. Also using the relative touch pad function can do it while your eye is still in the viewfinder.

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