[HELP] Recover data from reformatted SD Card

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Re: [HELP] Recover data from reformatted SD Card

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I accidentally reformatted the SD Card on my A7iii. Is there a way to recover the data?

I tried a few free recovery softwares such like EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, Recoverit, Disk Drill, etc but to no avail. I would really appreciate any assistance in this matter. Thanks!

Unfortunately (in such situation) Sony is using correct way of formatting SD cards - it is not simply erasing the filesystem structures but is doing "Erase" command on all sectors - which resets the SD built-in wear leveling system, marking all sectors as available. The bad side of the is that this operation breaks links between logical sectors presented to camera with physical sectors on the SD card. So even content-aware scanning software will simply read all zeros or random contests (depending on SD card controller implementation). Of course the content is still physically on the card but there is no way to read it using card's interface.

Br, Pawel.

So setting the SD wear leveling is more imortant than protecting user data? Sounds like a Sony idea!

Reformatting is designed to erase (not protect) data.

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