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Re: My revised hypothesis

Hello MarBa

Thank you and the others for to find when the error happens.

I only do not understand, that DP use than the 2sec. timer pictures for the comparator, because DP did wrote that they also tried out other setting but with no differences, so they used simple this 2 sec. timer examples. In your case, when you used not the 2 sec. timer, you got normal results, so I don't know why DP use not also your settings for to get the normal pictures.

best regards KPM2

MarBa wrote:

Breakfastographer 2 wrote:

JeremieB wrote:

MarBa wrote:

JeremieB wrote:

MarBa wrote:

Very clear issue .. not sure what Enabled and Disabled means but it is quite clear ... Do you see this with different exposure times as well?

And finally .. maybe the new Firmware helped?

Thank you for your tests!

I did a quick test with DA 15, and I don't see any relevant difference between shots with pixel shift, and with any combination of SR, using 2s timer and Image Sync as remote.

Then I repeated same shots for various SR combinations, but this time I set "Horizon correction" to ON: I see horrible radial blur quite similar to this, whatever the SR setting.

I'm not sure first part of my test is relevant though, I did that quickly and didn't take much time aligning everything properly, and DA 15 is not so sharp, particularly in corners ... But at last I can say that horizon correction on tripod is a VERY VERY BAD idea.

(still on firmware 1.01)

I agree! This is what I just found as well!

After seeing all the rotational blur in Dean's images I went back to my series and this time I looked only at the corners .. I did not have a great resolution target there but ... I could clearly see that in some images I had blurred corners.

I only saw this problem when I had the horizon correction ON for some of my tests with DFA100/2.8mm! (SR was OFF, 2s timer, cable release all the time). Importantly, this was only visible in my series of images done with 100m macro as this was the only time when I tested the role of horizon correction being ON.

I see NO signs of blurred corners in DA35/2.8, FA50/1.4 and DFA100/2.8 where I had the horizon correction OFF.

I initially totally overlooked this! So thank you Dean for showing that the corners are a problem! I did not look at the corners at all because, of course, I checked the center as that is where also DPR saw their blur. And as I saw no blur in the center (like Dean shows now too), I did not check the corners. But most importantly ... I did most of my tests with horizon correction OFF because I saw how it is always slightly shifting each image (even the center) .. that is why I quickly turned it OFF to be able to get images that are all perfectly aligned. One note ... it seems like this effect is dependent on exposure time as well so one has to be careful about the tests!

While all these observations are great ... I don't think this explains what DPR has seen! Their problems were clearly visible in the center as well .. and yes, corners were worse but that was due to the lens.

I noticed, like in Dean's photos, that in the corners, patterns are doubled.

If I'm right that would mean sensor rotates very fast, but the rotation happens too late, it happens while the 1/60s exposure is in progress - so we would see 1 part of exposure based on initial sensor position, and another part based on final sensor position once rotated.

Well, here's my theory. They reduced the shutter delay for the K-3 III (this is true - they publicised it in one of the "Product Stories"), but they neglected to account for the time the horizon correction would need to spin up.

No .. because this happens only when timers are used. Not with M.UP or normal drive mode. So it's a bug in the 2s and 12s timer.

Quite honestly, I'd rather live without horizon correction (electronic level gets you 90% of the way there anyway) than having the camera artificially slowed down to accommodate the additional processing/spin-up. I hope people are archiving old firmware versions and keeping them available for others that may need to downgrade their cameras later.

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