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Re: Why is that Nikons problem?

BGD300V1 wrote:

wootpile wrote:

Nikon's problem now is what Fuji had for many years: basically no 3:rd party lenses being released on Z-mount. Ability to choose from 3rd party lenses is an important buying factor for A LOT of potential customers. It's the key to adoption.

Nikon's nr.1 priority now should be to lobby Sigma, Tamron and Samyang to help them out. The problem is too few Z bodies being sold.

Here perhaps, Nikon will learn that their choice of mount size... was a mistake.

Catch-22 at its best and poor lens-choice could be a nail in the coffin if not addressed immediately. So take the sig link and tell Sigma you care.

I'm pretty sure that they would rather people be buying Nikkor Z lenses than Sigma's.

Please give us some actual sales figures.

It's Nikon's ... and Nikon camera owner's problem because lack of lens choices limit market adoption. And it's a pity because the Nikon Z-camera line is great. Very hard sell on first-time buyers though.

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