Why is minimum native ISO 200 on many mirrorless cameras?

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Re: Why is minimum native ISO 200 on many mirrorless cameras?

yayatosorus wrote:

The Rebel T2i is a 14 years old DSLR enthusiast camera that includes native ISO 100. Canon Pro cameras from that time have native ISO 160. Same with Canon and Nikon 14 years ago. So why are mirrorless cameras in 2021 struggling to get native ISO below 200? Even the latest Fuji only offer 160 ISO.

Edited in Later: Some current Nikon DSLR have native ISO starting at 100 ISO, and Sony mirrorless at 50 ISO. That's native ISO.

You seem to have missed all the posts that provide an answer to your question.

Here is a quote from a post, that summed it up perfectly:

"It's just a different numbering. Sony rates their cameras using a particular sensor at ISO 100 (REI), while Fujifilm rates their cameras using the same sensor at ISO 200 (SOS).

It makes zero difference in the quality of the image at a given exposure (aperture and shutter speed). If you're using Multi metering, the Fuji's exposure will automatically be increased to give similar results to what you'd get on a Sony (or Canon or Nikon)."

Doesn't that run up against Fuji's low mx shutter flash sybc speed when using fill flash?

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