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I sold all my Fuji gear last year and now looking for a fun second camera and cant decide between one of the Ricoh’s or just go back to Fuji.

Im not too bothered about it being interchangeable lens wise so I’m considering the Fuji X100f or a Ricoh. I think the novelty factor of having an OVF and EVF is cool so would also purchase the Ricoh GV2 viewfinder if going that route.

Anyone who own either brand share your experience and what do you think I should go for? Fuji X100f or Richoh GR3?

The Ricoh is a great little camera but it just doesn't equal the Fuji X100F or X100 and any professional review of the cameras will verify this.
Just the same, size does matter and the Fuji cameras are quite a bit bigger than the GR series so that's a big advantage for the Ricoh and even though the Fuji is "better" in many ways,the GR3 is an excellent small camera.

I don't really have a dog in this fight -- I own both cameras -- but I don't think this is quite accurate. Heck, even DPR's own detailed comparison of the X100F and the Ricoh GRiii called it a draw. At the end of the day, terms like "better" and "best" are entirely relative; they depend on one's needs and preferences.

In this case, there is no practical difference in terms of image quality. If one prefers 35mm, an f/2.0 lens, analog controls, flash, and/or a viewfinder, then the Fuji is a better choice. If one prefers a pocketable camera, a 28mm lens, IBIS, snap focus, and/or a touchscreen, then the GRiii is a better choice.

I find nowhere in the review that calls the Ricoh and the Fuji a draw.

I was referring to DPR's direct comparison between the GRiii and the X100F, which can be found here. In it, they give a point to the Fuji for adapters, viewfinder, flash, battery, and video, and they give a point to the Ricoh for the sensor, IBIS, touchscreen, size, and arguably the control interface. They call it a tie in the remaining categories. I'm not really a fan of these "point total" comparisons. Ironically, I think they sort of miss the point, which is to think about a camera as a whole system. But in any event, they sum up as follows, which I think is spot on:

So which of these two cameras is best for you? Aaaaaaall together now: It depends.

Obviously that's the answer - that's always the answer! You know how this works by now. If you value compact size over the convenience of a viewfinder, go for the GR III. If you're one of those people that just doesn't 'get' 28mm for some reason, go for the X100F. If you like to shoot a lot in low light but you don't carry a tripod, the GR III is a better choice. If you want the camera to shoot video, frankly I think you'd be mad to consider either of them, but in a pinch the X100F is the less terrible of the two. Etc., and so on.

At the end of the day, both are excellent cameras with their own strengths and relatively few serious weaknesses. They're just different. If you have the money, there's actually a pretty good argument to made for buying both the X100F and the GR III, and using them alongside one another. Both cameras together will still take up less space in your bag than most mirrorless ILCs with a zoom lens.

Raw image quality of the X100F and the GR3 are equal but the Ricoh JPEGs are dull and don't hold a candle to the Fuji.
The Ricoh battery is dismal and auto focus in anything other than good light is not good.

Several comparisons favor the X100F and only build quality slightly favors the GR3.

The Ricoh was given DPRs silver award and the X100F was given the gold award.

I highly recommend Fuji cameras to JPEG shooters. You'll get no argument from me on that point. The film sims are wonderful! For my more serious shots (for prints, etc.), I'm always going to edit the raw file. But for more casual work, the Fuji JPEGs are great.

And yes, the Ricoh's battery life is...not great.

As I said, the GR3 is a great little camera but the Fuji is "better" in many ways. Sorry to burst anyone's bubble but all cameras are not created equal.

No worries -- you're not bursting my bubble. As I said, I own both cameras, and I like them both. They're really quite different in actual use. I tend to grab the Ricoh more often, but that's only because of its size, not because of any photographic capabilities or limitations.

Again, "better" is entirely subjective when it comes to camera gear. I'm glad the Fuji is better for you, just as I'm glad the Ricoh is better for others. More choice is better for all of us, and I think we'll really miss these debates as the market continues to shrink, and we start to lose some of those choices...

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