Anyone have fz300 AND sx50?

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Re: Anyone have fz300 AND sx50?

KRS503 wrote:

Well, for example I have heard from some people that the sx50 has a lousy viewfinder, is slow to focus, has a long buffer time, and is noisy… .

I have the FZ200 and the SX50 HS.

First item to keep in mind is the SX50 HS has far older technology than the FZ300. The SX50 HS has gained somewhat "cult" status and at the current prices of SX50 HS in "good condition" are higher than the camera's actual worth; compared to newer cameras' price/ tech.

Second item is the slow max apertures at the longer telephoto lengths means needing 'GOOD' daylight conditions to have fast enough shutter speeds to prevent blurring (subject and/ or camera movement), and to use lower ISO settings.

The SX50 HS f/6.5 at 1200mm EFL around 2-1/3 stops slower than f/2.8. (FZ300 at 600mm EFL f/2.8 in lighting condition requiring 100 ISO, SX50 HS f/6.4 would require around 500 ISO with same shutter speed)

The smaller max apertures/ less not only provides less light to sensor for exposure, it reduces AF speed/ accuracy in lower lighting conditions, vs. the FZ300 with the constant f/2.8 aperture.

The FZ300's 1440K dot viewfinder has a 612% higher resolution than the SX50 HS 202k dot viewfinder. The SX50 HS 202k dot viewfinder resolution is far to low to determine if items are in focus.

Basically the 'only' main advantage of the SX50 HS over the FZ300 (and FZ200) is the longer 1200mm EFL.

Answers to a lot of your questions will be based on each user's personal 'subjective' opinions; hence you will get conflicting responses.

IMO the best thing for you to do is take the 'time' to read some full reviews with sample images on the FZ300 and SX50 HS, and download the SX50SX HS manual (Direct link from HERE) to 'see' for yourself camera's menus, settings, info provided in viewfinder/ rear display, etc.

Get a sheet of ruled paper and make three columns. The first column is where you list the features/ items that are important to 'YOU'; used the other two columns one being for FZ300 and the other the SX50 HS to 'check-off' which camera has the most features/ items that are important to 'you'—not others.

There are sites like that provide quick side-by-side comparisons of cameras' features; e.g.,

FYI: Some general items the SX50 HS lacks compared to FZ300:
• 202k dot viewfinder resolution is far to low to determine if items are in focus
• Viewfinder does not have rubber cup/ hard plastic; FZ300 better if one wear glasses
• No touch screen
• Lens does not allow attachment of filter/ lens hood; will have to buy adapter
• EVF/ Display do not show numerical focal length; focal lengths on lens barrel
• Takes multiple presses of the "DISP" button to select EVF/ Display
• No programmable "Fn" buttons to quickly access often used settings
• If you want to shoot RAW, write times are slow
• As noted in DPR's SX50 HS Review (and others) prone to clip highlights


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