Did anyone switched from D7100/7200/7500 to a smaller DSLR?

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Re: IQ-wise, a D3300/3500 will take the same or better pics than your D7100

toomanycanons wrote:

Chas J wrote:

"IQ-wise, a D3300/3500 will take the same or better pics than your D7100"

Would you care to defend that "or better" statement ?. Show some comparative examples and let us know how long you have owned a D3300/3500 and D7100.


LOL. As a former owner of a D3300 while owning a D7200 (had the D3300 for two years, still have the D7200 and another one as well), I know my way around Nikon DX cameras.

As far as "comparative samples" I could put up an image from my D850 alongside an image from my D7500 and they'd look identical.

I too have (not had) a number of DX and FX cameras.  So, you will know as well as I do ,that  a D3300/3500 will not take 'better' photos  than a D7100.

Also, you are right, unless under the extreme edges of their window of operation or display, a good DX photo is all but indistinguishable from a FX shot.

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